Kinship of Morrison County

107 2nd St SE - Little Falls, MN

Phone:  (320) 632-8806

Support Kinship

Kinship is a 501(c)3 non-profit youth mentoring program. Its budget, including the money used to recruit & screen volunteer, make & support matches and provide activities, is supported by donations, grants & fundraisers. While Kinship is blessed by receiving funds from the Morrison County United Way and also a Youth Intervention grant from the MN Dept of Public Safety, there is still a need to raise funds through donations, smaller grants & fundraisers to provide youth mentoring services. As a non-profit organization recognized by the state of Minnesota and also the IRS, Kinship's financial records are public information. The links surrounding this article will provide financial information, background information on Kinship's funding & also a tool to make an online donation to Kinship.

Enroll a Child

Youth age 6-17 who are not living with both parents and reside anywhere in Morrison County or greater Long Prairie are eligible to join Kinship.  Kinship's role isn't to replace a missing parent but to provide a caring adult role model & friend for a child.  Click below for more information about enrolling your child (or referring a child) in Kinship.

What is the Kinship of Morrison County youth mentoring program?

The Kinship of Morrison County youth mentoring program is based in Little Falls, Minnesota, and serves both Morrison County and the greater Long Prairie area.  Kinship's mission is to help kids, not living with both parents, grow through the "guidance and companionship of an adult friend," a mentor!  Through Kinship, we strive to provide positive role models and influences in the lives of Kinkids (kids in Kinship) through matches and group mentoring activities.  The bottom line is we want to help kids grow through positive friendships with adults.  This website is full of information about volunteering, enrolling your child and donating to Kinship all topped of with many fun pictures!


Making a Difference, One Friendship at a Time!

Kinship Happenings

Kinship always has something going on for its youth and volunteers.  There is an average of one group mentoring activity held each month along with a few fundraisers and "open-to-the-public" events during the year.  Click below for more information about current happenings.

Kinship History

Kinship was formed by Christian seminary students mentoring a group of inner city youth in the Twin Cities in 1954.  The idea of bringing a caring adult into the life of a child was so promising that Kinship affiliates began to open their doors throughout the Midwest.  Kinship spread to Morrison County in the mid 1990's, replacing a different mentoring program that had been here for twenty years.  For more information about Kinship nationally, check out its website at  Kinship of Morrison County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in the state of Minnesota and with the IRS.  .

Become a Mentor

A mentor isn't a mythical superhero that does the impossible, the incredible...  He or she may look just like you, or like a family member, friend, neighbor or like those show above.  A mentor simply cares about kids and is willing to step forward to share a bit of their life in order to make a difference in another's.  Click below for more information about mentoring through Kinship.